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Samsung Developer Program

Gear VR and Gear 360

Gear VR and Gear 360
Create virtual reality apps, games, and experiences. Capture the world in 360 degrees using the Samsung Gear 360 camera.


Samsung's Gear VR headset is the next big thing in mobile VR and compatible Samsung Galaxy devices. The Gear VR headset offers a 96-degree field of view (FOV), with a Quad HD Super AMOLED display from the mobile device. The Gear VR headset also has state-of-the-art 3D sound for a fully immersive experience.

Gear VR leverages the Oculus platform for development and uses its content store for full monetization. The Oculus Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) allows you to build anything you can dream up for Gear VR. There's no need to worry about app compatibility across devices, as experiences built for Gear VR will work for each model.




You have two ways to create and market your virtual reality apps, games, and experiences:

Either way, you can market your VR apps in the Oculus App Store.

Are you a 360 video content creator? Samsung VR, a free app available in the Oculus App Store, provides a platform for you to share and stream your 360° video productions with the VR community.

You can use the Gear 360 camera to create 360° and 180° videos and still images for use in a VR app and for other purposes.


  • Gear 360
    Gear 360
    Capture all of the world in 360 degrees, while your Android app controls your users' latest version Samsung Gear 360 camera



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