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Can my Android app be whitelisted for battery usage?


I want to make my app whitelisted for battery optimization in the Smart Manager application. For example, I notice that some applications, such as "WhatsApp," "Messenger," and others, are whitelisted by default. When I install these applications, their power-saving functions are disabled in the Smart Manager application. How can power saving be disabled by default in my application's Smart Manager?


Select Samsung partners have been whitelisted as an exception, based on different type of internal criteria and business decisions. Because the criteria to get an app whitelisted is very strict, we recommend that you communicate to your customers to add your application manually to unmonitored apps.

Here are the steps to add an application manually to unmonitored apps for Samsung S8+. Note that exact steps might vary depending on the device model, OS, and carrier:

Settings > Device Maintenance > Battery > Unmonitored Apps > Select Add Apps (and then select your app to add to the unmonitored apps list)