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Users cannot follow my badge URL link

You want to reap the benefits of using Galaxy Store badges:

  • With one click, your customers  are in your marketplace.
  • Badge traffic has 7x better conversion than organic traffic.
  • Reports of badge click-through rates with breakdowns by device type.

You got a Galaxy Store badge URL to link to either:

  • An app product detail page for one of your Android, Edge, Fonts, Galaxy Watch, Stickers, or Theme apps
  • Your seller brand page with all of your Galaxy Watch or Theme apps

You put a badge link in your website and your marketing materials.
But when your customers clicked the badge link, it did not take them to one of your Galaxy Store pages.

This could be caused by one of the following issues.

Issue Resolution
The user device is a desktop or a non-Samsung mobile device. Have the user use a Samsung mobile device.
You specified an incorrect app ID or package name when you requested the badge URL. Delete the old badge URL. Request a new badge URL and use it in you website and marketing material.
The user's device is not one of the app's distribution devices. Have the user use a device that is a distribution device, or add the user's device to the app's distribution devices.
The user's Galaxy Watch is not paired to their mobile device. Have the user pair the Galaxy Watch with their mobile device.
The user is located outside any of the app's distribution countries. Have the user relocate to a distribution country, or add the user's country to the app's distribution countries.
The Galaxy Store client on the user's device is not up-to-date. The user is prompted to update the client. Have the user follow the update prompt.
App distribution was suspended or terminated. Investigate why and take appropriate action.



For more details about Galaxy Store badges, see Galaxy Store Badge Promotion.