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How to review and use Galaxy Store badge daily click reports

Review the badge click numbers for your apps to fine-tune your marketing approach.

After you generate Galaxy Store badge URLs, send them out in your marketing media, and customers click the badge links, you can see the daily totals of badge clicks by date, app, badge type, and number of clicks for a day by  Samsung device users, non-Samsung device users, and desktop users.

Go to the SDP website (, sign up if necessary or sign in, and click Access My Dashboard > Galaxy Store Badges >  Badge Click Report to download the report file.



We recommend that you use report data to fine-tune your marketing by focusing on the 'Samsung Device Clicks' counts for your badges. This traffic can be converted because these users have Galaxy Store installed on their Samsung devices, and these users are sent to your app promotion pages.

For more details, see To review reports of badge use by end users



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