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Samsung Developer Program

How to report the misuse of a Galaxy Store badge

Galaxy Store badges should link to app promotion pages in the Galaxy Store. If they do not, please help others by reporting bad badges to


Galaxy Store badge and badge URL links should:

  • Send Samsung device users to an app promotion page or to a seller's brand page in the Galaxy Store.
  • Send non-Samsung device users to an app promotion page or to a seller's brand page when they click a badge for a Galaxy Watch app.
  • Send non-Samsung device and desktop users to a help page when they click a badge for an Android, Edge, Theme, Stickers, or Fonts app.

App Promotion Page
One of your apps

Seller's Brand Page
All of your apps
Help Page
To get customers to
your app promotion or
seller's brand page



Galaxy Store badge links should not:

  • Display inappropriate words (for example, vulgar words, or words that falsely imply a relationship with a brand or company).
  • Go to inappropriate places (for example, apps or websites not listed above).

If you find a Galaxy Store badge link that is not appropriate, please send us an email (