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Samsung Developer Program

How to create and manage free coupons for paid apps

You can get up to 5,000 coupon codes generated for each paid app that is being normally distributed (Android, Edge, Galaxy Watch, Theme, Stickers, and Fonts apps). When a customer redeems a coupon, they download the paid app for free.

You can send a coupon code to a potential customer in any way you decide and for any reason:

  • To build customer relations and loyalty.
  • Give away coupon codes:
    • To previous customers as a reward (such as, for purchases or feedback).
    • To new customers to download an app that introduces your product line. 
  • For a price, you can send paying customers several coupons to download several paid apps bundled in a promotional campaign.

To generate coupon codes:

  • Select your paid app.
  • Specify the redemption time period (up to 28 days), and how many coupons codes for each distribution country are to be generated.
    Therefore, you must know what country your customers are located in.
  • Send your customers the coupon codes, which they can redeem during app download.
    Note: Your customers must have a credit card registered with their Samsung account. However, their credit card will not be billed.


To manage coupon codes:

  • Review your generated coupon codes (including their code value, status, and country)
  • Send coupon codes to your customers using your own marketing methods.
  • If needed:
    • You can generate additional coupon codes.
    • You can cancel coupon codes at any time.


For more details, see Paid App Coupons.