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How can I increase my app's ranking in the top paid lists?

Samsung app stores use several factors to determine your app's ranking in the top paid or top free lists, including:

  • Number of app downloads
  • Revenue from paid app sales 


You can influence your app sales, downloads, and ranking by the following:

  • Properly design and develop your app:
    • Do not fragment your app SKU by publishing different language versions of your app (for example, a German version and a French version). 
    • Publish one app version that supports multiple languages.
      (for example, rely on icons and graphics, minimize text, and promote your app in multiple local languages).
    • Create free Android apps that offer in-app items , or create free Galaxy Watch app that offer in-app items to increase app downloads and generate revenue.
  • Promote your app in Samsung app stores:
    • Enhance the product detail page of your Android, Galaxy Watch, or Theme app.
      Snag customers before they scroll down to banner ads and 'Other similar Apps'.
      • Localize your app's product detail page by registering app details in multiple languages.
      • Register screenshots that are:
        • Major app screens (for example, title screen,  most commonly displayed screens, and essential screens)
        • Distinctive and unique to your app
      • Provide easy contact information (URLs and business phone numbers).
    • For any type of app, initially offer your app for free in order to boost downloads and user comments. Then start market them as paid apps.
    • For Theme apps, create or convert your app to a try-and-buy app.
    • Create a Seller Brand page to promote all the apps of Galaxy Watch and Theme sellers.
    • For a paid app, distribute it for free for a limited time:
  • Promote your app in your own marketing material and social media sites:
  • Promote the interest, feedback, and loyalty of users, customers, and followers:


For details about registering your apps, see Registration.

For details about promoting your apps, see App Promotion.



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