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Why are my watch apps not available in the Galaxy Store for upgraded Gear watches or new devices?

You must specify in Seller Office that your binary is compatible with all new devices (a watch with an upgraded OS is considered a new device) and republish your app. After your updated app is published, it will be available to those new devices.

On Gear S3 and Gear Sport watches, the Tizen OS can be upgraded. Gear S3 can be upgraded from Tizen 2.3 to Tizen 3.0 or Gear Sport can be upgraded from Tizen 3.0 to Tizen

If you published your app before these upgrades were available, the option to include the upgraded watch as a compatible device was not available in Seller Office. For example, if you published your app before Tizen was released, your selections for compatible Gear Sport watches in Seller Office would have been for Tizen 3.0 only. Likewise, your selections for compatible Gear S3 devices would have been for Tizen 2.3 and 3.0. As a result, a customer who has upgraded their watch to Tizen will not be able to view your app in the Galaxy Store.

In order to have your watch app recognized as compatible with an upgraded watch, you must update the compatible devices for the binary in Seller Office. In general, if a new device is released or an existing device becomes upgradable to a new OS after you have published your app and you want your app available on these devices, you must update your binary to be compatible with these devices and republish your app.

To update the list of compatible devices for your binary file in Seller Office:

  1. Log in to Seller Office and open your watch face app.
  2. Click the Binary tab.
  3. At the top of the Binary section, in the middle is a box with Selected Device(s) and the total number of selected compatible devices. Click on the number.


  4. In the Detailed Device Settings window, select each device with which the binary is compatible. If your binary is compatible with all listed devices, click Select All.

  5. Click Save.
  6. Submit your app for validation and, after it has been successfully validated, republish it.