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What is an author certificate and how is it used?

The author certificate is used for signing and verifying your app. It identifies the developer of the app and ensures the following: the app is not distributed by someone else, the developer can publish updates, and secure IPC (inter-process communication). After you publish an app, you must use the same certificate to sign and publish updates for this app.

To generate an author certificate in Tizen Studio, from the main menu bar, click Tizen Tools > Certificate Manager (the Samsung Certificate Extension must be installed in order to properly generate an author distributor certificate for your Samsung device). For information about the Samsung Certificate Extension, see Installing Certificate Extension. For more information about the Certificate Manager, see Creating Certificates and Managing Certificate Profile.

Important! Make a backup of your author certificate, save the backup on a different device, and keep both the original and backup in a secure place. If you lose your author certificate, you will not be able to publish updates to your apps.

For more information about author certificates, see Getting the Certificates.

What to do if you've lost your author certificate or forgotten the password

If you have lost your author certificate and do not have a backup or if you have forgotten the password for the certificate, do the following:

  1. Generate a new author certificate.
  2. Make a backup of your new author certificate and do not save the backup on the same device as the original certificate. Keep both the original and backup in a secure place.
  3. Build a newer version of your app with the new certificate.
  4. Upload the app to Seller Office and release it.
  5. Suspend the older version of the app.