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Samsung Developer Program

How to upload binary files for Galaxy Watch and older Gear devices


Note: In August 2018, Samsung Gear became Samsung Galaxy Watch. Information referring to Galaxy Watch also applies to earlier Gear devices and apps, unless stated otherwise.

When you create a new watch face app, you must create two separate TPK files: one for Galaxy Watch (Tizen 4.0 and above), and another for Gear S3 and older devices (Tizen 3.0 and below).


Build two TPK files

You must build twice. For each build, set a different target API version, and enter a different version number.

  1. Build two TPK files: one for Galaxy Watch (Tizen 4.0) and one for older Gear models (Tizen 3.0 and earlier).
    In the build settings, make sure that:
    • Both TPK files must have the same package name.
    • Both TPK files must have their own target API versions (one 3.0 and below, and the other 4.0 and above).
    • Both TPK files must have their own version numbers.

  2. In File Manager, note the two different TPK files that were generated:



Upload both files at the same time

  1. Go to and upload the first binary.

  2. Select Add More Binary.

  3. Upload the second binary.


Two binaries are now updated. TW4 will be downloaded by Galaxy Watch (the Tizen 4.0 device), and TW3 will be downloaded by Gear S3 or older models (which run Tizen 3.0 or older).


At this point, a standard notice about Samsung version policy may appear, which you can disregard.


Continue the App Information process
Enter all required information. The process is the same as before the Galaxy Watch Designer version 1.6 release.




After you upload the binary files, complete testing and verification, and start your service.