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How can I capture a watch face with localized content in GWD?

Three components in the Galaxy Watch Designer can be localized: Digital Clock, Weather Type, and Text. The Weather Type and Text components are static (that is, what you set in the design is what the user sees). The Digital Clock component language adjusts to the phone language setting. Therefore, in order to capture a screenshot of a fully localized watch face that uses the Digital Watch component, you must temporarily change the default language of the Digital Clock component.

Additionally, one more element, the Label, can be localized. However, the Label cannot be viewed in the Galaxy Watch Designer.

For more information about localizing watch face content using the Galaxy Watch Designer, see Localized Content.

How to Configure a Digital Clock Component to Display Localized Content

This example shows how to configure the Digital Clock component to display in a selected language when it is run from the Galaxy Watch Designer. This allows you to capture a watch face that is fully localized.

  1. Add a Digital Clock component to your watch face.


  2. With the component selected, go to the Properties window. In the Type section, select an ICU Format that displays localizable content, such as the date, and optionally customize the format.


  3. Click Setting to open the Language Setting window and select the languages used for localization. Note which language is selected as the default language (by default, this is U.S. English).


  4. To view your watch face in one of the selected languages, set it as the default (click the star at the right of the language).


  5. Click OK.

  6. Take a screenshot of the watch face by clicking the screenshot icon in the Run window. The image is displayed in the Preview capture window and saved as a PNG file. On a PC, it is saved in the C:\Users\<your_user_name>\GearWatchDesigner\screenshot\ directory.


  7. Close the Preview capture window and reset the default language.

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