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Samsung Developer Program

Where in the world can I market my apps?

You can distribute your apps in up to 185 countries, depending on the following factors:

  • Your type of app:
    • Samsung has agreements with countries for Android, Galaxy Watch, and Stickers apps that slightly differ from the agreements with countries for Theme apps.
    • The agreements also control the distribution of:
      • Non-commercial apps: free apps that do not offer in-app items
      • Commercial apps: free apps that offer in-app items, paid apps that offer in-app items, and paid apps that do not offer in-app items
  • Country restrictions
    • Your app content and services
      For example, some countries have maximum age rating limits, and others prohibit the use of certain third-party services.
    • Your registered location
      Some Seller Office account holders living in a country may be prohibited from distributing their apps to certain other countries. 

For details, see Distribution Country Restrictions and Requirements.

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