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Galaxy Store message: "Can't add coupon," "Can't use coupon code," or "Can't use voucher"

If you are trying to redeem a coupon, but one of the following messages displays:

  • Can't add coupon. The coupon code isn't valid. Be sure the coupon hasn't expired and try again.
  • Can't use coupon code. The coupon code is invalid. Check the coupon code, then try again.
  • Can't use voucher. To use gift cards, you must have a credit card registered.
  • Register a credit card to make purchases.

Do the following:

  1. Verify that you have entered the coupon code correctly. Coupon codes are made up of 16 characters and numbers. The characters are not case-sensitive.
  2. Verify that your coupon has not expired. If the app owner did not include an expiration date with the coupon, ask the app owner if the coupon has expired. Additional information that you can verify with the app owner regarding the coupon and app is listed in the last step.
  3. Verify that you have a valid credit card registered to your account. Even if the coupon allows you to download the app for free, you are required to have a credit card registered in order to obtain the app. See How do I register a credit card in my Samsung account? for more information about adding your credit card information. After you download the app, you may delete your credit card information.
  4. Verify the following with the app owner:
    • The coupon is still usable and has not been suspended, ended, or already redeemed
    • The country for which the coupon was issued is the same as the country in which you reside
    • The distribution countries for the app have not been updated
    • The app is still available for download
    • The app has been changed to be free to everyone
    • The owner is still a valid seller in the Galaxy Store

    Note: If the app is free, you do not need to redeem the coupon to obtain it.